Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”
John 20:29
In today’s world we have access to various types of information with the click of a button. The internet and social media have transformed the way we communicate and stay up-to-date on current events. It is not hard to find what is “trending”, which college friend had a baby, or who just went on vacation. In fact, the days of calling friends and family to make an announcement are practically over.

Thomas and the disciples did not have such methods of communicating during their time on earth. Delivering messages to others could take multiple days, and sometimes the message may not get delivered at all. When Jesus rose from the dead, he could not just post it on social media for all to see. When Thomas heard from the disciples that Jesus rose, he did not believe the message until he saw Jesus alive with his own eyes.

Even though he followed Jesus, learned from him, and observed him perform miracles for three years—Thomas doubted Jesus’ resurrection. If Thomas, “one of the Twelve,” was overcome by doubt, how easy it is for us and others to be overcome by doubt today! Like Thomas, many find themselves doubting the gospel message because they did not see Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection with their own eyes. Many might turn to the internet and the world for answers. We may not see with our own eyes, but through the work of the Holy Spirit, we believe the message.

When you meet people who have doubts, know that their moments of doubt can be solved. When doubts enter your own heart, know that God can handle your doubts. Thomas had doubts, but notice where he found answers. Thomas did not hop a boat to Greece to discuss with all the philosophers whether there could be resurrection of the dead. Thomas placed himself among Christian friends, and the risen Lord Jesus appeared to him and spoke to him. He was in the right place for his doubts to be driven away.

So it is for the doubters you meet today and for you when doubts creep in. How can they grow close to Jesus today when he is in heaven? How can you? Take the doubters around you and the doubter in you to the Bible. There they will meet Jesus and he will speak to you. That’s why it was written. It was given to us so that we wouldn’t doubt, but would instead believe in Jesus and what he says.

When doubts creep into the lives of those you know, when they creep into your life, put yourself in the right place to have those doubts dealt with. Go find Jesus in his Word. It is there that he appears to doubters. It is there that he speaks to doubters. All of his promises, including the promises of peace and forgiveness and the resurrection, have the power to chase doubt out of hearts and replace it with faith. 

O risen Lord, when doubts come to us, draw near to us in your Word. Drive doubt from our hearts and fill us with faith. Fulfill your promise to bless us who have not seen you and yet believe. Amen.

In Preparation for Worship: 
John 20:19-31
Acts 3:12-20
1 John 5:1-6

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