And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death—even death on a cross!
Philippians 2:8

If you had to spend every day with just one thing you have, what would that one thing be? If you had to give it up, what would you ask for it? In other words, what do you value most in your life and what it is worth to you?

We live in a world that asks us every day to give, give, give. We start as students needing to give our time and energy to teachers for a grade. We have to give even more to our friends. Then jobs require more giving. And you thought your friends were demanding until you had kids! Even at church we can sometimes be overwhelmed with all the opportunities to give! It’s spiritually healthy to examine ourselves and ask: “What am I willing to give for God?”

While you ponder that, don’t forget to enjoy what Jesus was willing to give up for you. The Bible tells us that we have Jesus, who gave up his experience as the one true God, gave up the pleasure of heaven and his rights as Creator, “and being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death—even death on a cross!”

God has given us reason to give, the greatest reason. He gave us Jesus. He is our treasure, and we are treasured by him. He proved that when he gave everything for us! We have Jesus who forgives us when we don’t think we’re worth much of anything. He says, “I don’t need anything from you. But I want your heart, your life, and your soul.” Because Jesus loves us, we work to put him as number one in our lives not because we have to, but because we want to.

What’s the most valuable thing to you? Although you may struggle to show it all the time, it really is always Jesus. He is your treasure and you are his.

Dear Savior, help me remember that I am precious to you. Help me to remember that you are the most precious thing to me. You did everything for me. You became obedient to death for me. Help me to say “thank you” every day of my life for you! Amen.

In Preparation for Worship: 
Romans 5:1-11
Mark 8:31-38

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