Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day
your Lord will come.

Matthew 24:42

Throughout time people have tried to predict the future. As Christians, we have a great advantage—we know the one who makes the future, and he has told us about it. God tells us what the future holds for us, for others, and for the universe.

After the date of our birth, the most significant date in the future is the day of our death. For those who are still alive at the end of the world, that will be the most significant date. Even though Christ has promised us unimaginable joy in heaven, that does not mean that Christians will never fear death. Death is something we’ve never experienced before. It is an unknown, and our sinful nature does not trust in the promises Jesus has given us. We need to stay in contact with God’s Word to reassure us that he is true to his word and that there is nothing to fear when we die, since we trust that Jesus has saved us from our sins.

But not everyone will die before the end of the world. God has told us about the end of the world, so that we can predict it, not be caught surprised, but to always be ready for it.

Dear God, lead me to your Word, that I may trust your promises and be ready when you come again. Amen.

In Preparation for Worship: 
1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
Romans 2:2-11

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