Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.
1 Peter 4:10

God uses my talents to test my selflessness. You have to decide in life for whom or what you’re going to live. You’re either going to live a self-centered, miserly life or you’re going to live for something greater than yourself — the kingdom of God. Faithful people don’t live for themselves. They realize that the talents God gave them are not for their own benefit, but to serve a greater purpose and glorify God.

This week we’ll be talking about stewardship, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be talking about money. Finances are such a small piece of what God has given you. What gifts do you have – not just treasures, but time and talents – and how can you use them to serve others? How can you use them faithfully? How can you use them to the glory of God?

What are you good at? Jesus is good at earning salvation. That’s what was entrusted to him. What has God entrusted to you? As stewards of all that we’ve been given, let us live in such a way that shows our thanks to God.

Dear Father in heaven, creator of all things and Savior of all mankind, we ask you to open our eyes and hearts to know your Word. Through this Word, you show us our sin and comfort us with the gospel promise of forgiveness and salvation. Then you also equip us to see that you have gifted all your people, and you give us specific callings and opportunities so that these gifts are not wasted. You want others to know the joy of trusting you and you use us, unworthy servants that we are, to welcome and nurture them. Dear God, bless our efforts in the name of Jesus, your Son, our Savior and friend. Amen.

In Preparation for Worship:
Matthew 25:14-30
Acts 17:24-28
2 Corinthians 6:1-2, 9:7-11

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